Open Captioning

Open Captioning or Open Subtitling services are the processes by giving arranged content or textual substance for the video or any TV demonstrate that is being communicated. This is exceptionally viable in making the general population watch the program or recording with better understanding. Open Captions can be turned off and it will be displayed on one part of the screen and displays the text form of the video.

The Open Captioning or Open Subtitling services at $1/min are offered by Pro Transcription service all over the world on the web in a fast and professional way. We also provide 24/7 customer care support to stay in aid to our customers.

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Benefits Of Converting open Captioning

  • ✓ Pdf is a non editable format whereas word is easy to edit.
  • ✓ Information in the word format can be customized and further enhanced.
  • ✓ Word format is easy to edit and make changes if need be.
  • ✓ Word format does not require any additional platform or software .
  • ✓ Word format is the best format and the basic format that can be universally used.
  • ✓ Word format is user friendly.

Open Captioning Type