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Closed Captioning (CC) and Shut Subtitling are the two processes of displaying the text of the sound substance that accompanies the video. We charge a reasonable cost of $1.00 for English Captioning and $7.00 for other Language Captioning. We additionally give a free 1-minute example of 1 moment of our Closed Captioning (CC) or Shut Subtitling administrations. Closed captioning (CC) and Shut Subtitling is made for motion pictures, TV programs, PC introductions, documentaries, and the sky is the limit from there. Closed captioning (CC) and Shut Subtitling can aid massive groups of people with hearing disparities in order to watch recordings easily.

Pro Transcription Service provides fast and professional closed captioning and Shut subtitling services online. We offer the lowest and affordable pricing in the market today: $1/min for English and $7/min for different languages

We are the certified company which offers a variety of Captioning or Subtitling services for different languages

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Benefits Of Converting Closed Captioning

  • ✓ Pdf is a non editable format whereas word is easy to edit.
  • ✓ Information in the word format can be customized and further enhanced.
  • ✓ Word format is easy to edit and make changes if need be.
  • ✓ Word format does not require any additional platform or software .
  • ✓ Word format is the best format and the basic format that can be universally used.
  • ✓ Word format is user friendly.

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